Interview with Sara Cunha

A few weeks ago I met with one of De Dominicis’ latest Artist for lunch and a lovely chat. Say hello to the wonderful Sara Cunha.
Here at De Dominicis we take pride in all our creatives, and more importantly we love to keep in contact with every single one. Whether its work related or social – we’re not monsters!
So lets get into it. The following dialogue was taken from my talk with Sara – enjoy!

Image copyright Sara Cunha

For all our lovely followers please tell us a little something about your background?

Well, I graduated doing Architecture. However despite having a strong interest within architecture, it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.
So (after graduating) it was during my studies in architecture that I began to research drawing, illustration and I started to experiment a lot. I experimented with various techniques such as paper cuts, silhouettes and paper sculptures (3d models). What was wonderful was that still all related back to what I studied at university. After graduation I started doing workshops and short courses in drawing, animation and illustration, until I decided to do a Master in Image Design to focus only on the subjects and techniques what I wanted to explore in these areas.

Something that is clearly evident within your work is the use of shapes. What is your favourite shape?

I like circles. I guess it comes from my love of geometry. Forming two shapes together to create another. What I also like in geometry is how with simple shapes you can explore complex dimensions and interpretations.

I like triangles personally

Haha, good choice.


 A lot of your work seems tailored to children. Do you get the opportunity to actually share your work with them – perhaps whilst in the process?

I’ve actually visited a number of schools over the years to see how children interact with my work. Children are always curious, so they ask a lot of question – which is great!
Many times they also reinterpret the books illustrations or they create new work. It is amazing to see the beautiful creativity they have, that comes out so naturally!

Do you have a golden rule?

My motto is, ‘not to over think it, work more on the basis of instinct.’
The work I am always more satisfied with is the work that comes with a natural solution. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work and research involved, but work is more pleasant when I have a clear idea on my mind of what I want to explore.

Bit of a tricky question – what do you prefer client work or personal work?

Well I have so many more personal projects that I am currently working on. This is great as my personal work actually inspires me towards my client work. This is usually through techniques that I have experimented with.

On a different topic, what was is like being at home with mum and dad?

Well my mother was a Social Assistant, so she worked with a lot of children. She did a lot of artwork with them and I was always around.
My father, although he wasn’t professionally related to arts, he did a lot of amateur theatre when he was young. Both were really supportive to both me and my brother (who is a graphic designer), which was lovely. The Arts were always something present within our household.

Image copyright Sara Cunha

Before we end this lovely talk, please tell us something we don’t know about you?

I LOVE Indian food!

Short and sweet, I love it ha!




Thanks for talking to us Sara it has been a pleasure!



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